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Your Day


Whether you are looking to entertain clients for an exciting motorsport corporate day event, or if you’re a group of friends looking to get together for a day out on any of the UK or European race tracks, CooperMotorsport can build your day to suit your needs, we have a wide range of packages to suit everyones driving skills.


We can cater from 2 people through to a group of 12 sharing the cars with prices starting from as little as £289.00 per head. If you are a beginner to track days and need guidance, then we have experienced instructors on hand who can give you tuition whilst out on track. The instuctors will show you the lines and braking points which will enable you to build confidence throughout the day. We can also provide trophies for the ‘best driver’ of the day, Drivers and their family will have plenty of time for photos taken with the cars thought the day.


As with our standard corporate packages, our goal is to give you maximum track time and an exciting, hassle free corporate event to remember. It really is a case of just turning up and driving. We do all the hard work behind the scenes to ensure your day runs smoothly.


The Cars


We want you as a driver to experience all the thrills of motor racing. Depending on your level of experience our cars cover front wheel drive front engine, rear wheel drive front engine also rear wheel drive rear engine. The day starts in our race saloon cars, the BMW Compact Cup race spec car, our Clio Cup race car and the Fiesta st championship race car. Don’t be fooled by the road style looks of these cars, they are full race spec cars that come striaght from UK championships. With great grip and braking power, it’s pure fun all the way.


Then on to the serious car. Our awesome Radical SR3 Supersport, a Le Mans style car and driving position with it’s aero body, lightweight frame and revy engine, this car is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. We want you to experience what it is like to drive the cars as they are intended, we will not hold you back like most trakday companies. Our Radical SR3 will give you a thrill that will surpass anything that you will find on any other track day. Powered by a Suzuki Hayabusa engine that has been tweaked to over 240bhp and fitted with a sequential gearbox, this car will give you a thrill a minute ride that can’t be beaten.


With CooperMotorsport corporate day packages we have something for everyone, get in contact with us and we will be able to put together a package to suit your budget and needs.


All our cars are  fitted with HD action cameras and will capture your driving thouout the day, these are edited and download links we be supplied so you can reminisce for years to come. This is included in your package price.




Drivers will also need their own fuel! Every corporate track day event CooperMotorsport offers comes with free refreshments throughout the day. We provide soft drinks, tea and coffee and snacks throughout the day and a lunch time buffet to ensure you’re hydrated and ready to go. Please inform us of any special dietary requirements.


We have a special team that can provide corporate branding from banners to complete garage designs even the cars can be labeled with your company logo (fees apply).


Our Support Team


CooperMotorsport will make sure your day runs smoothly. Our technicians will make sure the cars are always at their optimum for you to drive. your safety is of our highest importance which is why we have fully trained staff with you at all times. We recognise motor racing is a dangerous sport, so with a team of experienced staff we take this side of the business seriously.


Our cars are highly maintained, however you can never factor in every possible glitch or mechanical problem that can happen in motorsport. This is why we have back up race cars if needed.


The FAQ's will answer many of your questions, however if you need any further information please contact us by email or give us a call.